The Accounting Industry

Even though they’d like people to believe differently, many, if not all, of the big box accounting firms do not have CPAs preparing tax returns.

Why is that important? Becoming a CPA requires an extensive six-years of education that in many states is equivalent to a Master’s Degree. The only training those big name firms require is a 40-hour course. A higher level of education and superior training is an advantage because the Internal Revenue Service trusts professional, CPA-prepared returns and therefore audits fewer of them.

Since the individual taxpayer has a 100% chance of being audited at some point over his/her lifetime, hiring a professional CPA to prepare returns significantly reduces those odds.

The IRS is also more likely to audit returns done by the do-it-yourselfers. At Paramount Tax, every tax return is prepared and signed by a CPA, often at the same (or lower) cost than at of one of the big box firms. We’re fast, accurate and affordable.

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